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Tank Sizes

Model Diameter Height Litres Gallons
GT10 2.67m 2.18m 12200 2600
GT20 3.34m 2.18m 19100 4200
GT30 4.01m 2.18m 27542 6053
GT40 4.68m 2.18m 37574 8258
GT50 5.35m 2.18m 48963 10761
GT60 6.02m 2.18 62111 13651
GT80 6.69m 2.18m 76504 16814
GT90 7.35m 2.18m 92570 20345
GT110 8.02m 2.18m 110116 24212
GT130 8.69m 2.18m 129292 28416
GT150 9.36m 2.18m 149948 32956
GT170 10.03m 2.18m 172134 37832
GT200 10.70m 2.18m 195851 43044
GT220 11.36m 2.18m 221604 48704
GT250 12.03m 2.18m 247874 54478
GT290 10.70m 3.23m 290632 63876
GT330 11.36m 3.23m 328096 72109
GT370 12.03m 3.23m 367831 80784

Custom & Extra Large Sizes

If the sizes listed are not large enough then tank sizes larger than 360,000L can be manufactured to custom specifications. Depending on your specifications we should be able to accommodate you. The maximum capacity for a custom Pioneer water tank is 2.6 million litres.

Some time will be required to manufacture your custom tank before it is available for delivery and installation. If you require or would like to know more about custom sized water tanks please contact us.

Residential, Rural & Commercial

The range of Pioneer water tank sizes has been designed to meet a variety of different applications from home and residential through to rural and commercial. Additionally they can be installed at most locations, including the very tricky ones that are surrounded by trees or surrounded by commercial premises.

All tanks have the same fire prevention technology, extra large overflow and down pipe and come in the same large range of COLORBOND colours. They are also all backed by BlueScope's warranty.

Colorbond Colour Range

Colorbond Colour Range

A variety of different Colorbond colours to match your fence, roof, garage door and more.

Pioneer Tank Sizes

Pioneer Tank Sizes

Check the capacity and dimensions of the Pioneer water tank range.

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